Keep your latest YouTube video front and center.

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Stop making your visitors hunt for your latest video. Your web site will automatically feature your latest YouTube video with no code updates.

Go Live

Stay in sync with YouTube. When you go live on YouTube, the latest video on your web site goes live. When your live feed ends, your last video is automatically displayed.


Automatically send your video to your Mailchimp subscribers when your video ends. Post your latest video to Facebook or Twitter or send your video information to Google Sheets for analysis. Easily integrate with over 2,000 applications through our Zapier integration .

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How does it work?

We provide you a small code snippet that you paste into your existing web site which will display your latest YouTube video on your site. When you upload a new video or go live on your channel, your web site will automatically display your latest video.

How does it work when I go live?

When you go live, the embedded video on your web page will automatically display your live video. Any users that are on the page will see the live video without needing to refresh their browser. When your live video ends, your video will stay featured until you upload a new video or go live again.

Is it compatible with my web site?

We are compatible with just about every major web site platform including wordpress, wix, squarespace, webflow, and more. If you have the ability to paste an html snippet into your web page, you are ready to go!

How does it integrate with other applications I use?

Last Video offers integration with Zapier, a service that lets you integrate with thousands of other applications with absolutely no coding required. With just a few clicks you can begin to automate things in all kinds of interesting ways. Check out our Zapier page for more information.

How does this differ from the embed code provided by YouTube?

YouTube has a couple different ways of embedding videos on your page. One method will force you to update your embed code every time you upload a new video or go live on your channel. The other method will only show your video when you are actually live. Neither option will allow you to feature your latest video, including going live, without requiring any manual code updates on your side.

Will my latest video be featured even if not shown in my YouTube channel yet?

Yes! YouTube can have a delay between when your live feed ends and when it shows up in your channel. This delay can be upwards of 24 hours! This is not a problem with Last Video and we will always display your latest video.

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